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Absolute were commissioned to redesign the former Barley Sheaf in Truro, Cornwall have done so using the green mantra reduce, reuse, recycle in order to bring the project in on budget and fit the 'lived in' brief set by the new owners.

The venue, now launched as the bar and music venue The Cuckoo Club, has been transformed by the agency using existing furniture from the old bar as well as reclaimed furniture purchased on ebay.

Feature pieces brought on the popular website include two original Chesterfield's which now make a focal point in the lounge area and six 1960's chairs for the grand total of £10 which the agency have had re-upholstered and now look as if they have come from a designer boutique.

This project is a far cry from the usual high profile and big budget work Absolute have undertaken such as Fifteen Cornwall and the new £13.5 million St.Moritz Hotel due to open in Cornwall this summer, but it is just as important to the agency.

Helen Blake comments: "working on a project like this is just as creatively challenging than working to bigger budgets and definitely as rewarding, no-one can quite believe we have completed the whole thing only having to buy some of the light fittings brand new"

The design ethos set out by Absolute restores the character of the old building whilst encapsulating the term 'shabby chic' beautifully combining a raw and slightly unfinished feel with relaxing cosy zones that fits perfectly with the venues live music proposition.

"We are really impressed with what Absolute has achieved and although initially it was a budget decision to limit the amount of extra furniture we brought it turned into a really interesting exercise which made us all realise how much unnecessary waste we produce. I hope that the success of this will make other businesses aware of the alternatives" says John Nesbitt of the Cuckoo Club.

Interior design as an industry is not usually associated with limiting their impact on the environment as they work to deliver a vision set out by the client but this piece of work by the Cornwall based design agency really showcases what can be achieved with minimum carbon usage and at very little cost.
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